Munkelzahn said:
Does anyone have experience with this?
I'm not sure if I should ask in English, or use a translation website like

Most artists on pixiv [the 'popular'/older ones, anyway] tend to have at least some grasp of English (since it's compulsory at a certain education level)

There's a whooole bunch of etiquette involved when making a request like this, but I can't say as a hard rule if it's different between Japanese and non-Japanese parties

(tl;dr - depends on the person in question)

Munkelzahn said:
One of the many Japanese e621 users could volunteer to help.
Similar to an art request:
"10 slots for Pixiv repost permission requests, done by a native speaker of Japanese"

This sounds very promising too!

If enough people are interested, I could write up a template request thing, but the people using it would need to have some grasp of the language to alter the contents accordingly per artist (some of them have different conditions)

If anyone else has other ideas about this, that'd be really great

@titanmelon : This bit?

  • Do not take work posted on pixiv and post them on other websites, use them in products, or any other action without creator’s permission.


Wodahseht said:
@titanmelon : This bit?

Yup, that's the one