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New CoC update!

This it's not change of the rules, but adding record worthy offenses from the DNP list directly into the rules. The goal of this change is to allow people to directly see what will lead to records when posting without having to read both the CoC and the DNP list.

Posting Abuse
This category includes:

  • Posting works made by one of the artists or publishers on the Avoid Posting List
  • Posting new commercial content that is not yet 2 years old.
  • Posting real pornography / real images or videos depicting illegal activities (such as bestiality, child pornography, etc.)
  • Knowingly uploading previously deleted content
  • Removing any watermark(s) or signature(s) from submissions
  • Knowingly adding or editing a post source to an incorrect link
  • Knowingly or repeatedly uploading a lower-resolution image, if there is a higher-resolution of that image available
  • Knowingly or repeatedly uploading screenshots, images under 200x200 pixels, images with artifacts or large watermarks, and/or non-artistic images (motivational posters, Second Life, memes, image macros, etc.)
  • Editing/creating post descriptions (if you are not the artist, uploader, character owner, or commissioner) to create information
  • Using post descriptions to express personal feelings, create drama, or otherwise take away from describing the attached post
  • Please try to use proper spelling and grammar in post descriptions