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User: Fluttershy
Date: April 15, 2013

March 30, 2016 1.0.5

This update focused mostly on misc bug fixes, exploit patches, and cosmetic tweaks, but we did add {{some tags|Pretty Title}} support for DText. :D

Anyways, I apologize for the lack of order on this one; the changes were all over the place and there wasn't any obvious way to split them up for readability.

New stuff:

  • New Added {{some tags|Pretty Name}} support for DText
  • New API Added 404 error handler for API calls
  • New Added wiki cooldown (accounts must be 7 days old)
  • New Added note edit cooldown (accounts must be 3 days old, max 50 per hour for members)
  • New (Admin) Added option to edit user email addresses
  • Minor cosmetic changes for dmail, ticket, tag implication, tag_alias, and forum post indexes (long titles truncate automatically now)
  • Changed wiki/show?title=name to wiki/show/title/name (and the same for wiki/edit)


  • Bug Fixed bug that prevented searching artists by is_active
  • Bug Fixed issue with upload/whitelist not recognizing [ or ] in URLs
  • Bug Fixed regression where non-mod users who didn't create a pool were unable to delete images from it
  • Bug Fixed a display bug with Sets that led to users accidentally removing all posts from sets
  • Bug Fixed regression that prevented being able to save notes as a member
  • Bug Fixed broken comments link when using classic profiles
  • Bug Fixed regression that prevented posting blips from user pages
  • Bug Fixed issue that prevented deleting/hiding/unhiding blips from user pages
  • Bug Fixed issue with ticket titles not being properly escaped
  • Bug Fixed several text formatting exploits that allowed users to write script blocks
  • Bug Fixed a bug where Post-voting exception handling would, ironically, raise an exception
  • Bug Fixed a bug where check_md5 would always return an exception
  • Bug Fixed exception when visiting post/search without tags
  • Bug Fixed regression with tag editing where reaching the tag edit limit or trying to edit as a < 3 day old user would cause an exception
  • Bug (Admin) Fixed issue where search params would be lost when creating an alias/implication
  • Bug (Admin) Fixed regression that caused an exception when an admin tries to view a reported dmail