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Appears to be two different tags with the same general purpose/meaning. Also, voluptuous already has 'curvy' aliased to it.

+1, it's the main definition and the one most used.

Bumping because I was just about to post this. +1

facelessmess said:
Bumping because I was just about to post this. +1

Huh, I forgot I submitted this request...

Is it uncouth if I +1 a suggestion I started, even if it's a year old?

Bumping, with a +1

The 'curvy' tag has already been aliased, and so should this.

Citing the voluptuous wiki:

"For the purposes of tagging, 'voluptuous' means a character with both wide hips and big_breasts and larger.

Frequently overlaps with big_butt, slightly_chubby or overweight and larger, plus thick_thighs, but a voluptuous character does not require any of those specific traits to qualify."

The first section of the wiki essentially renders the curvaceous tag redundant, which is then reinforced by the second section.

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Yeah, seems about time this gets aliased. +1