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Clawdragons said:
Well... this horrifying monstrosity, for one:

I think it's a combination of a ferret and a manta ray, with a red lightning bolt on its chest. Why.

Or the green pig-dog-deer-rhino-aliens from Space Ace:

Or Finfin, the worlds most realistic virtual pet, apparently:

On a "not absolutely horrifying" note, I've also never seen 34 of the Jhereg from the Vlad Taltos series of books (or any characters from that series, either, but most of them are just humanoids so who cares). I'd fap to Loiosh and Rocza getting it on.

I mean they have porn of kyubit foxtar from the old megaman zero series

So if they have smut of obscure vidya game characters, why do they not have smut of well known vidya game characters.