Edited/Commissioned stuff and people tagging themselves as artist

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I myself like to sometimes edit pictures when I feel like it, but never I had the thought of claiming to be an artist to something I didn't create in the first place, so seeing people doing exactly that kind of get on my nerves.

One of my first incident was with [post #541289] which got solved relatively quickly, so no big problems here.

However, recently I have found out about two persons doing that. One tagging himself as the artist over something he didn't even touch, just commissioned them, as I tried to mention here [post #616855] . Apparently he has that need for recognition so he has to tag himself on the artists' behalf.

Second case is about someone who takes flashes, edit them by adding some sound effects, and slaps his name in the flash because why not, recognition there too I guess. "His" stuff can be found here [noisemaker21]

Since all of this stuff seems to be the norm on FA and InkBunny, I didn't try to edit the tags and did anything else drastic, and instead I'm just typing all of that to simply ask : Is that actually fine to do this ?

Commissioners can get a copyright tag, but not an artist tag.

With the edits themselves I'd have to say it depends on how and what they edit, if they take a picture and change like 50% of the image (and not just color it) then I'd actually be fine with giving them the right to tag themselves, but only adding color or sounds isn't really worth an artist tag.

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NotMeNotYou said:
Commissioners can get a copyright tag, but not an artist tag.

To elaborate on this, copyright tags can be used for commissioners but they are somewhat discouraged on their own as they have been known to cause issues or confusion. For instance, (as Genjar already pointed out in post #616855) commissioners may also be artists, or they may have a character with the same name as their account. Tracking down evidence or context isn't always possible. However, there is no rule against them being there as long as they aren't tagged as an artist.

By the way, if you ever see something like this and aren't sure how to handle it, feel free to shoot me a dmail. I can offer suggestions for how to handle it, or if you want I can even talk to them and see if we can figure out an alternate solution. For instance, a character owner can also be credited/labeled with something like john_furryson_(neitzuke) or even neitzuke_(neitzuke), some details might be included in the description instead of being used as tags, and so on.

Note that I'm never going to guarantee that a particular result will happen (e.g., "I want you to make them stop doing X") unless they are actually breaking the rules somehow (e.g, art theft), but I'd be happy to try to work with them to find alternate solutions.