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User: Genjar
Date: May 29, 2013

NotMeNotYou said:
Indirect Addition to the CoC:

▼ Avoid Posting List

Avoid Posting List

Avoid posting these things.

  • New commercial content (Doujin, paysites, etc.). If it's less than two years old, don't post it. This includes HD versions only visible on Patreon.
  • Real porn / real images or videos depicting illegal activities (such as bestiality, child pornography, etc.)
  • Images where a person who is not the original copyright owner has placed a watermark on the image.
  • Excessive webcomic rips (more than 5 or more consecutive webcomic pages)
  • Images where compression artifacts are easily visible.
  • Content that is not furry or furry-related. We may still approve it if it's high quality or "special" in some way, but it's still more likely to be deleted than approved.

Is this change still in effect? As far as I can see, it never actually got added to the avoid posting list.