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Rape me forever!! No, wait... how was it? Anyway! New update!

[04/01/14] Version 2.87 (Code 010414)
First of everything, I'm getting rid of the keys (F, A, R, C) because it's kinda hard to not repeat the word that they already imply. Now on to the actual changelog:

  • The script checks which user is logged in and remembers it accordingly. Previously, it got stuck with whoever user was logged in when first installed and the link to your user page lead to that user's name (but showed your name) [PM]
  • Did so many improvements in the script's innards regarding page modification (mainly adding elements to the page) - If bugs should appear, please report them as soon as possible.
  • Subscriptions! Not the site's normal subscriptions. These allow you to subscribe to forum threads! Incidentally, Reading pools has also been integrated into this, don't worry if you had one unfinished, it'll be converted to the new format.
  • Now you can customize the links in the UserBar (the "R▶ C▶ U▶ " ones). " S▶ " will be unchangeable, though.
  • Clicking the " S▶ " link will take you to e621's user settings page (you probably know that already). Right-clicking it, will take you to the script's settings page (which is the same as e6's but will have the tab selected)
  • "Commenting score" and "Posting score" buttons have been improved! Now they load their stuff faster!
  • Blacklist individual tags directly from viewing a post. Or just the post already! Just click the "X" between the "?" and the tag name and you're done! You can also blacklist users. Go to any user's profile and click on "Blacklist user" in the navigation bar [PM]
  • "Get Source" now supports FurAffinity's direct image URL [forum #121881]
  • Fixed a small issue when checking for tags at the post listing in "Edit posts" mode
  • Search terms will not be included in the "Common tags" list because they'll be on all of the posts (freeing up to 6 spaces for more tags - 8 if you're Priv+)

New options:

  • "Submit current form on Ctrl+Enter": Pressing Ctrl+Enter will submit the form you have currently in focus (same as clicking the nearest "Post" button)
  • "Enhance Notice and Error messages": This will make the notice and error boxes (green and red bars, respectively) always visible and flash if they are visible already

Also, I want to announce that I'll be switching from to Google Drive to deliver updates as well as a different install page :)

Edit: Here you can find the new page