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EsalRider said:
It wasn't a request, basically I was just rambling. Although, you could fix that annoying thing when I click the 'Common Tags' header to display the tag list and the page gets scrolled to the top.

I know its annoyance... I was going to fix it since I added it but kinda forgot to.
Also, the list now remembers if you left it open or closed.

I'll post the new update in a few minutes...

[02/16/14] Version 2.81 (Code 160214)

  • F: "Get Source" and "Common Tags" now look like links, no more white, apparently unclickable text
  • F: "Common Tags" bug that caused the page to scroll to the top when clicked [forum #105381]
  • F: "Common Tags" now remember its state (open or closed)
  • F: Highlighting your comments would also highlight hidden ones, giving the impression they aren't hidden [forum #105155]
  • F: TinyAlias' tags now check if a tag exists when inserted and will replace newlines for spaces in the editor