2017 angry anthro beak black_border black_fur black_skin black_stripes blue_skin boop border bracelet breasts brown_fur brown_hair brown_mane brown_scales brown_skin brown_spots canine cheer chest_tuft clothed clothing comic curved_horn d:< dialogue digital_media_(artwork) dragon duo_focus dusk_(character) english_text eyes_closed feral frill fur green_eyes grey_skin group hair happy holding_object holding_weapon hood horn hybrid jacket jagon jewelry kobold loincloth long_hair looking_up mammal markings melee_weapon o_o open_mouth outside polearm purple_skin raised_arm red_eyes red_fur red_mane rice_hat ridged_horn scales scalie sofia_(character) spear speech_bubble spikes spots stripes text tongue topless tribal tuft underwear weapon western_dragon white_fur white_hair white_skin wolf xd yellow_eyes

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User: TheGreatWolfgang
Date: September 22, 2017 ↑2 ♥4 C6 S U




They're so cute :)

*booping intensifies*


He booped the royal snoot


When your stripper physics teacher tells you that you passed your exams; while in a strip club.

wait!!!! I have this feeling that... these are Dusks children... But who??? when??? Did he not say in the last comic he has not been with a lady in some time???

alien big_breasts breasts featureless_breasts female hi_res lewdreaper navel not_furry nyx_(warframe) restrained solo technology tenno video_games warframe wide_hips

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User: Cat-in-Flight
Date: September 22, 2017 ↑1 ♥119 C1 S

well we killed Alad now all we have to do is let you out but that may take a rather long time so maybe we just take the whole thing on the ship

2017 anthro chao cheese_the_chao clothing cream_the_rabbit female fur gloves group hedgehog lagomorph male mammal rabbit rosemary-the-skunk shadow_the_hedgehog sonic_(series)

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User: Kario-xi
Date: September 22, 2017 ↑2 ♥7 C5 S U

Shadow's therapy session.
Also love the kirby and yoshi doll. Even if it is the wrong company.

If you look hard enough, you can see his hand starting to leave the tea-cup to grab his gun.


Resisting the urge... to kill.... failing....


I always like this idea. That Shadow would go along with the tea party and even let Cream put a flower on him. He won't smile or contribute but he will sit there, drink the tea, and patiently listen to everything Cream says.


Cyandog182 said:
I always like this idea. That Shadow would go along with the tea party and even let Cream put a flower on him. He won't smile or contribute but he will sit there, drink the tea, and patiently listen to everything Cream says.

Oh He would! Like you said; He won't smile or contribute but he would sit there, & have some tea, an cookies.

It would bring him back to the days when he, & "Maria" would spend their time.

... 2017 anthro black_border black_fur black_skin black_spots black_stripes blue_eyes blue_skin border breasts brown_fur brown_hair brown_mane brown_skin candle canine claws clothed clothing comic crying curved_horn dialogue digital_media_(artwork) dragon dusk_(character) empty_eyes english_text female feral fire flower forest frill fur glowing glowing_eyes green_eyes green_fur green_skin green_stripes grey_fur grey_skin group hair horn hybrid jagon kobold loincloth long_hair male mammal mane membranous_wings neck_tuft nude o_o one_eye_closed open_mouth outside plant purple_fur purple_skin raised_arm red_fur red_mane ridged_horn roaring rock scalie scarf smile sofia_(character) speech_bubble spots spread_wings stripes surprise tears text tongue toony topless tree tribal tuft western_dragon white_fur white_hair wings wolf worship yellow_eyes yellow_fur yellow_skin

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User: TheGreatWolfgang
Date: September 20, 2017 ↑28 ♥49 C16 S

Called it!


YCde_dragon said:
in before oh its you...

yep there it is

DeathlessMaster said:
beat me too it.

sorry :-)

Drat! a cliffhanger!

I absolutely love fourth panel XD

WTF [What are you doing here] hahahaha

16:10 5_fingers ambiguous_gender anthro avian bar billmund bird bracelet camelid canine clothed clothing creatures_of_the_night dog exit_sign eyewear female fox glowstick group hi_res jewelry lagomorph llama male mammal mop outside owl pants rabbit shirt sign smile standing sunglasses t-shirt wet_floor_sign

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User: BooruHitomi
Date: September 22, 2017 ↕0 ♥0 C1 S CU

"god i'm good at being an owl"