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User: Nvenriz11_Traieraem7
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"It's another popsicle sunrise... startin' slowly across the skyyyy... said goodbye..."

Brayburned said:
"I've added radium."

+50 rads


Finnick_Phox1 said:
+50 rads

There gonna need alot of rad x and radaway


Finnick_Phox1 said:
+50 rads

"Tickity, tick, tick, tick"

Wow, this pic reminds me of that one scene from Champione. Where the dude is drawing out the golden sword. (Also,mine now :3 )

Lucario389 said:
"Tickity, tick, tick, tick"

The sound that drove me insane

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Awesome :D


dracotay said:
Awesome :D

Meh... I love Pokémon and Star Wars, but Meh.


I love all of the little details on this image. The "shirt" is a wrapping, and the chest spike is poking between the loops. Also, I like the design of the leg guards meant for digitigrade feet.


2 of my favorite franchises in 1 = ❤❤❤❤❤


Pokemon Starkiller

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Why Celestia's reflection looks angry and vice versa?

ConsciousDonkey said:
Why Celestia's reflection looks angry and vice versa?

I also swapped the wings, and made NMM's reflection lighter blue with a white-on-black CM instead of NMM's light-blue-on-purple. (Neither of which ended up being very noticeable, in the reflection.)
I was planning to go further down the Luna vs Solar Flare route, but after spending so much time on it and having my computer crash so many times, I decided to leave it at that,

2017 4_fingers anthro bag black_eyes blush caprine chest_tuft comic dragon equine eyelashes feral fur furred_dragon goat greyscale hair haru_(kanevex) hi_res humanoid_hands hybrid kanevex larger_feral long_tail looking_at_another looking_down looking_up mammal meat monochrome portrait rikki_(kanevex) size_difference slit_pupils smaller_anthro snout teeth three-quarter_portrait tuft white_hair wood

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You just ain't taking the hints at all are you, Rikki

24 days ago

*jaws music*


I think he's looking more tasty than the serpent's tail to Mrs Dragon.

cant wait for the sexy times to happen!

Don't Be Vore.