2015 ankle_tuft antennae black_eyes clothed clothing cup english_text eyewear female glasses holding_cup holding_object humanoid insect_wings legwear looking_at_viewer moth-chan moth_humanoid mothmandraws neck_tuft saucer sketch smile solo standing tea_cup text thigh_highs tuft vest waist_tuft wings wrist_tuft

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Date: January 23, 2018 ↑4 ♥4 C1 S U

Moth-chan is so kawaii

ambiguous/ambiguous ambiguous_gender claws cute duo eye_contact human mammal monochrome monster open_mouth restricted_palette sanzo sharp_teeth simple_background size_difference sketch teeth white_background ♀ ♂

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User: fire238
Date: March 03, 2016 ↑177 ♥416 C33 S

No one will ever understand their love


Ratte said:
Actually, yes, it does. Both are ambiguous.

They're clearly labeled technically. I mean it's right there.


-SOUL-_'_~CaPTuRe_7~ said:
They're clearly labeled technically. I mean it's right there.

Anyone can wear a sign.


kamimatsu said:
Anyone can wear a sign.

Even scribble creatures!

I swear I will figure females out!
And if I die doing so...

Ignoring all the sad cringe in the comments, this is my fetish.

2018 5_fingers abs anthro bishopbb capcom chest_tuft dab doom doom_guy english_text hedgehog hi_res human humor mammal mario mario_bros mega_man_(character) mega_man_(series) meme meme_police nintendo police shadow_the_hedgehog sonic_(series) speech_bubble text tuft video_games yolo

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User: Axolotl
Date: January 02, 2018 ↑21 ♥24 C10 S

You'd think the Meme police could afford a paddy wagon that wasn't a literal century old.

Damnit Mega Man, your arm is a CANNON, do something....wait, dabYOLO? Nevermind, he knows his shame.

For anyone confused

I could't find the last bit with Mega-Man. ( ͡°_ʖ ͡°)

Amusing, but I can't help but dwell upon the fact that any one of them could break out with ease.

Like I get Megaman not doing it cause robot programmed to probably respect the law. But Doomguy only cares about killing demons, Mario probably has to go rescue Peach again, and Shadow is 2edgy4this, and would teleport out.

...And yes I'm aware this is a joke and I'm overthinking it entirely too much.

18 days ago
2013 5_fingers abs anthro athletic canine claws collarbone cute dingo front_view fur gloves_(marking) half-length_portrait holding_arm imiak inner_ear_fluff looking_at_viewer male mammal markings navel nipples nude peachez pecs pink_eyes pink_fur pink_nose portrait pose shy solo tan_fur v-cut

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User: flux_capacitor
Date: March 02, 2013

So much for all those 1ups...

Doom Guy, no! You were supposed to be incorruptible!

Dab. Not even once.

2017 anthro ball beach_ball bikini canine clothed clothing cloud ears_back english_text female frisbee fur grey_hair hair hair_over_eye hat hi_res holding_object keidran long_hair looking_at_viewer mammal midriff object_in_mouth raine_(twokinds) sea skimpy sky smile solo swimsuit text tom_fischbach twokinds water webcomic white_fur wolf yellow_eyes

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User: MissChu
Date: January 23, 2018 ↑6 ♥9 C2 S CU

Alas, I suspect that this is one of those pesky Patreon upscales...

Iago1 said:
Alas, I suspect that this is one of those pesky Patreon upscales...

Upscale? I haven't modified the picture in the slightest, this is the largest res I could get directly from Patreon. Unless you mean that Patreon itself upscales the pictures?

2018 abs anthro biceps big_(disambiguation) big_biceps big_pecs blazingblazen boots clothing digital_media_(artwork) dragon_ball dragon_ball_super dragon_ball_z dyspo_(dragon_ball_super) footwear gloves hi_res hyper hyper_muscles lagomorph male mammal muscular muscular_male pecs pride_trooper rabbit sleeveless smile solo standing vein weights

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User: BurningBlazen
Date: January 10, 2018 ↑1 ♥2 C2 S

This dude better enjoy his time in the spotlight. He's gonna get eliminated from the tournament within the next two episodes.

Well, maybe this way he can do some damage, because he only has speed.