Artist: sketch-lampoon

Other Names experiments_(artist), Matthew_S._Robson
Active true


British Lilo & Stitch and Pokémon fan artist. He is known in the former franchise's fandom for his conceptual designs of unseen genetic experiments (to the point that "experiments" was the name of his first DeviantArt account). He is working on a still ongoing years-long project to draw every single seen and unseen experiment in the franchise and coming up with abilities, functions, and "one true places" (i.e. Lilo Pelekai's term for "occupations" in Lilo & Stitch: The Series) for the designs he comes up with (as well as a few of the minor canonically-seen ones that otherwise remain a mystery). As for the other franchise, he has designed a number of Fakémon, although he's much more obscure among Pokémon fans due to that franchise's larger fandom along with his dedication to his Lilo & Stitch experiments project.

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