General: breasts

Soft round growths that serve as a secondary sexual characteristic for female or intersex characters. Breasts are often tipped with a nipple, or covered by a nipple_tuft.

Some cultures might consider bare breasts to be explicit, but on e621, they should be rated no higher than Questionable. Nonsexual depictions (such as various toons) can be rated Safe.


The full range of breast sizes can be approximated using the following tiered system. There will always be a few cases that are difficult to place in one category or the other; just do your best to fit them into one or the other.

▼ Breast sizes


flat chested

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Rating: Safe
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User: somnusmg
Date: May 08, 2012

A character with no breasts.

  • Do not use this tag for male, maleherm, cuntboy or other manly body types.
  • Do not confuse with cuntboy.
  • Most cub characters are generally flat-chested, but most loli will have either a flat chest or small breasts.


small breasts

Not flat chested, but can be from below average size to just developing. Generally in the range of A-cup sizing.

  • Most cub characters are generally flat-chested, but most loli will have either a flat chest or small breasts.


medium breasts

Might be considered "average-sized" breasts; B to C-cup sizing, dependant on the frame size and shape of the character.

big breasts

Pretty big, but still smaller than the bearer's head. Ranges from D-style up to the size of character's head.

huge breasts

Still physically plausible to somewhat unlikely. Equal or exceeds the bearer's head in size.


hyper breasts

From too large to physically carry (or occur naturally) and beyond.



  • busty_feral: A feral character with breasts. Not to be confused with huge_teats.
  • multi_breast: A character with more than two breasts.
  • multi_nipple: A character whose breasts have more than one nipple each.
  • natural_breasts: Breasts that sag and droop in reaction to gravity, under the curious theory that perky breasts must mean either that the character has silicone implants or that the artist isn't talented enough to draw "natural" breasts.
  • non-mammal_breasts: Used when characters who aren't mammals have mammalian breasts.
  • teats: Breasts that are located on the stomach, towards the pelvis; usually referencing animals whose real world biology features several pairs of nipples.
  • udders: A character who either has a bovine udder growing out of their lower torso in addition to breasts, or has udders on their chest where human breasts would be.



(not necessarily sexual)


  • breast_expansion: Breasts being artificially made to grow (or that have been made to grow) beyond what is biologically possible.
  • breast_milking: Milking the breasts, whether by hand or with the use of a milking machine.
    • breast_pump: A milking machine used to suck milk from the breasts.
  • mouth_nipples: Breasts with mouths where the nipples should be.
  • presenting_breasts: Poses revealing, accentuating, or offering bare breasts, intended to arouse the viewer or another character.


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