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2015 anthro arctic_wolf belt blue_eyes bra canine clothed clothing collar cyndi_(character) female fingerless_gloves fur gloves hair looking_at_viewer mammal melloque midriff navel off_shoulder pants smile solo sports_bra underwear white_fur white_hair wolf

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Anthropomorphic animals.

Anthropomorphism means attaching human traits such as human-like intelligence and physical form to non-human things. But since this describes most non-human characters on e621 and intelligence can be difficult to tag, the anthro tag is specifically used only for animal-like 'furry' characters. This includes mythological animals such as dragons and gryphons, and original creations such as sergals.

Anthros are usually bipedal and have human-like arms and feet, but some may use a tail for locomotion. Marine and snakelike anthros are a common example of this.

In borderline cases between feral and anthro, if the character couldn't pass off as a feral animal, it should be tagged as anthro. Use the overall body shape and posture when determining which tag is more appropriate.

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Common traits, but other types can also be tagged as anthro.

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: anthromorph, anthropomorph, anthropomorphic, antro, anthromorphic, anhtro, antrho

The following tags are implicated to this tag: anthro_on_anthro, humanoid_on_anthro, anthro_on_taur, anthrofied, human_on_anthro, anthro_on_feral

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