General: magic wand

Not to be confused with the hitachi_magic_wand.

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2012 animal_crossing anime anteater anthro bell biped black_body black_eyes blush boots bottomless brown_body brown_hair christmas clothed clothing costume digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) digitigrade dress english_text equine eyelashes female footwear front_view frown full-length_portrait glowing grey_body grey_eyes grey_hair grey_hooves group hair halo holding_clothing holding_object holiday_message holidays hooves horse human japanese kemono light_skin looking_at_viewer looking_away magic_wand male mammal mane nintendo olaf_(animal_crossing) on_one_leg portrait red_eyes ribbons roscoe_(animal_crossing) sack santa_costume short_hair show sky slit_pupils smile snout snow snowflake snowing sparkle standing star starry_sky tan_skin text tokiruki_akiru two_tone_body video_games villager_(animal_crossing)

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Date: June 24, 2018 ↑2 ♥5 C0 S absurd_res angry anthro buckteeth caprine clothing crown dawn_bellwether disney dress english_text eyewear female fur glasses hi_res hooves insect_wings lagomorph long_ears magic_wand male mammal rabbit scared sheep sketch star stu_hopps teeth text thelittlemetermaid wings wool zootopia

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