e926 bare_shoulders bedhead black_hair blouse blue_hair blue_skin bored bowl breakfast cereal clothing creepy_susie cute eyeshadow fangs female flat_chested food frown ghost ghoul_school glowing graphic grey_skin group gruftine hair hair_over_eye herny hi_res human humanoid long_hair makeup mammal multicolored_hair not_furry pale_skin phantasma_phantom pink_eyes pointy_ears purple_eyes red_hair school_for_vampires scooby-doo_(series) shirt short_hair skull spirit spoon t-shirt table tank_top the_oblongs tired vampire white_hair

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Not Halloween yet.

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Mornings :/

Mondays be like...

Monstrous morning hair

Oooh, they got Fruit Brute! wonder if there's Apple Mummy left..

Yea they would be roomates

There should be a story about these three.