e926 2017 absurd_res anthro armor avoid_posting blue_eyes canine digital_media_(artwork) hi_res inert-ren leaping male mammal melee_weapon model_sheet rakan scar simple_background smile solo sword warrior weapon were werewolf

▼ Description

"Rakan by inert-ren"

The first official character reference sheet for my fursona Rakan, created by the very talented inert-ren (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/inert-ren).
Since I like to LARP in my free time, the sheet also shows the character in some armour and with a sword.

I would like to add that I have the explicit permission of the artist to post the picture on e621.

From the email:

Yes, you can post this one on e621.
I have it tagged as "avoid posting" as many customers don't like to have the pieces uploaded by third parties without authorization. As you are posting it on your own, no problems.

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Nice! :)