e926 :3 alaska_(gats) animal_humanoid big_arms big_breasts breasts cat_humanoid english_text eyes_closed feline female gats hair hair_over_eye huge_breasts humanoid mammal midriff solo text thick_thighs white_hair

▼ Description

Breed: American Bobtail

Height: 7′9″

Weight: 322lbs.

Likes: Humans, Sparring, Chocolate Pudding, Other sweets, Baked goods, Summer, Squats, Swimming

Dislikes: Mean people, cold weather, cucumbers, sterile rooms, doctors, stinky vegetables

Bio: Alaska’s conscription into the army resulted in a drastic change to the physiology of this once small girl. With her child-like naivety intact, Alaska unwittingly outperformed her sisters when it came to any and all physical tasks, earning her a spot on the operating table for one of Sugar’s many experiments. The result was a supersoldier capable of blasting foes away with a single punch. By augmenting her strength with her (at the time untested) powerfists, Alaska could even level buildings.

Her retained personality became (in Sugar’s eyes) her weakness, as despite all her strength, Alaska felt no ill-will towards humans. Her childhood friend, Ohio, would soon sneak her away before she could be tested on any further.

Alaska is - above all else - a girl who loves to fight and enjoys strong opponents. Though this at times conflicts with her desire for peace, she never hesitates in the face of those she considers evil.

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Such a big gal~<3