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“Feels good, hm?” Nick asked, swiping the card that unlocked the door to their high-end hotel room with one paw while the other held the weighty golden statue.

“I can’t believe we won! It’s so amazing, I’m not sure what to do with myself! I just want to run around outside for a while, or go back to the afterparty! There are so many people I need to call. My parents, my sister, Clawhauser…”

Watching the excited grey bunny nearly bounce herself out of the three-piece suit she had decided to wear rather than the gaudy gowns and sparkles, he grinned. It suited her, though he had secretly been looking forward to seeing her in more feminine finery. “I’m only one fox, Carrots. I can only take so many hours of after parties.”

“No, no, that’s fine,” she chirped, bouncing up to kiss him on the cheek as she dashed past him to the couch with her own Oscar in hand. Patting it with a grin on her muzzle and humor sparkling in bright violet eyes. “Someday, I’ll be as old and easily exhausted as you. I guess I should be more considerate.”

With a little snort, which was followed by a tongue curling yawn that was so wide his muzzle popped, he followed her to the couch like a good fox and plopped down beside her. “I’ll remember that the next time you’re begging me for five minutes to catch your bre-OW!”

“Watch it, Slick,” she said, her elbow in his ribs soon becoming the rest of her as she leaned into him. Wrapping one arm over her shoulder, he squeezed her close as they both looked down at the sparkling Oscar. “I suppose... the world will be seeing more of us in the future, hm?”

“Yeah,” he replied, stretching his legs out for a moment with a low groan of satisfaction. He paused as he made ready to place the statue on the side table to get ready for bed, feeling her weight on his side increase slightly. Turning just his head, the vision of her sleeping against his side with her Oscar laying across his tail drew a warm smile to his muzzle. Using one paw to carefully squeeze her closer, he let the exhaustion of the day creep through him as he finished the thought, “We're not finished yet, partner. Not even close.”

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Fast art and a fast story.

The antlers on those Oscars look like a grave health hazard. Nice touch, though.

They most certainly are not done. If earning $1 Billion+ grossing, a massive influx of fans, a Golden Globe and now an Oscar isn't enough for them to make a sequel......then I'm planning a trip to Hollywood to convince them otherwise.