e926 2017 anon bald carrying clothed clothing comic dialogue earth_pony english_text equine eyewear fan_character feathered_wings feathers female feral friendship_is_magic glasses hi_res horn horse human limestone_pie_(mlp) male mammal my_little_pony onomatopoeia pencils_(artist) pinkie_pie_(mlp) pony princess_celestia_(mlp) princess_luna_(mlp) sound_effects text tongue tongue_out twilight_sparkle_(mlp) winged_unicorn wings

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Rari-T. Now there's a clothing brand name I can get behind!


I just love this comc(!)

Perfect in all ways ;)


Oh shit, it's my Fridge. isn't it?

I clearly recall Anon said he had Brown eyes...

AlexAngel said:
I clearly recall Anon said he had Brown eyes...

I'd say that it's a side effect of his magical qualities.

Its something far older...
A balrog.