e926 2016 blue_hair changeling eyes_closed fangs female feral flower friendship_is_magic hair hi_res hole_(anatomy) horn lily_(flower) long_hair my_little_pony neko-me plant queen_chrysalis_(mlp) solo


This is her fantasy


TheDarkness666 said:
This is her fantasy

Just because she is an evil monster, doesn't mean she can't enjoy the little things :)

How lovely.


Adorable but not for long.

Ummmm I was listening to "Who will know" by Shiro Sagisu at the time I saw this picture... Don't know how to feel about it...

First thing I thought of:

I think ever since MGS3 I just associate white flowers with death and sorrow.

Still, if it actually was intended to be that Chryssy is dead in this pic (which may not be the case), at least she looks to be at peace.