Post in forum #224572 - Please Change Your Passwords

The_Masked_Newfag said:
What?! No! NO! NO!

I have finally managed to consolidate all of my online accounts under a master password that nobody is likely to ever guess! I am NOT changing my f**king password again! I don't have to worry about any sensitive personal or financial information on the web being stolen, because I don't have any sensitive personal or financial information on the web TO steal! I don't care if CloudFlare had a leak--I cannot deal with this crap again! >:C

Calm down. Literally something as easy as "synonym for theme or name of site" followed by "something I really enjoy" (Especially if it can relate to the site as well) and finally just a number you like is better than a master password. Like, "Big_Salted_Boobs_11", where e621 is another term for salt, and your favorites include large boobs, with your joindate being 2011.
...Though I'd definitely recommend a tad more personalization than two things directly visible from your profile, of course. Another way to look at the theme of e621 is porn of whatever sort, blue/yellow, hexagons, or any of the mascots. You can even go a bit indirect: The San Diego Chargers use both blue and yellow in their team colors, which would make Chargers or Charging a viable word for use, if your mind can process mnemonics that way.