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1 year ago

somehow, i don't feel much of a need to do this. the oldest account i even remember using my current password for is my account on kongregate and that one is 9 years old as of november 28 this year. not only that but the closest i ever come using any personal info for anything would be my PSN account (which i only use on the console) and signing my name on a check each month. unless i'm forgetting a, likely dead or inactive, account somewhere that asked for such info.

no, wait, i think i have a different username & password for the PSN account. plus, whenever a site asks for my birth date i always enter it with at least one number off (month, day, or year). so that's useless info.

even i don't know how far my trail of dead and/or inactive accounts goes. it goes at least as far as whenever the lich king expansion for WoW was released. i remember that much.

so yeah, it's far more likely that anyone with my password will hit 1 of a VERY few active accounts of little to no value or countless dead and forgotten accounts. i know better than to leave personal info lying around. :P

HypnoBitch said:
Just looked at his comments... This guy is nuts. I can't tell if he's delusional or just trolling.

welcome to the club. here's some snacks. lol