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What makes you laugh? BlueDingo, 8 minutes ago 18280


Which one should be deleted? ~no name~, 3 hours ago 3272

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BUG REPORT: Sentences won't space properly and it triggers my (fake) OCD (locked) NotMeNotYou, 2 hours ago 449

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Tag Implication: gsg_9 -> germany D4rk, 32 minutes ago 10515

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How to tag... leomole, 1 day ago 948

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Who is the artist of this pic? Can't find in reverse searches. Mario69, 2 days ago 889

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I came back precisely 1 year and 1 month after I left by coincidence on e621 haha BlueDingo, 2 hours ago 1922

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[GNU/Linux - Bash] Faux-Pa's Nerd Scripts Faux-Pa, 9 hours ago 180