anthro clothed clothing gas_mask hi_res hitmore looking_at_viewer male mask outside solo standing unknown_species

Rating: Safe
Score: 60
User: Cat-in-Flight
Date: July 30, 2016 ↑60 ♥149 C9 S

I want a race mod like this for the next fallout

Boi this is totally stalker tho

1776 said:
Thought this was Xûr at first.

Lol. I did, too. "Give me your strange coins!"

Kinda looked like fallout at first glance, the glowing sea to be exact.

Miestwin said:
Get out of here, STALKER.

Ahhh nuuu chiki briki I v damke!

I must say, this artist is very, very good. I would love to see this guy in a comic series. Mayhaps as the male lead or the secondary lead. Hell, this character could be the Female lead. Hard to tell if there are breasts given the jacket, and it's obviously impossible to see the face given the gas mask.
Still, It is an awesome picture, and this character looks like he/she has a future. Keep up the good work!

anthro black_nose bra breasts canine chest_tuft clothing detailed_background digital_media_(artwork) elvofirida female hair mammal navel pans purple_hair smile solo tuft underwear undressing yellow_eyes

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Score: 2
User: Millcore
Date: November 17, 2017 ↑2 ♥11 C1 S

Now THAT is fantastic!

I would love to see more of this character :)

digimon gomamon looking_at_viewer smile solo vulapa

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Score: 1
User: aggresive
Date: November 17, 2017 ↑1 ♥0 C1 S U
Date Nov 17, 2017 05:22 PM | User aggresive | Rating Safe | Score 1

I wanna hug it so badly right now :(

2014 5_fingers abs anthro belgian_draft_horse biceps biped bra brown_fur brown_lips clothed clothing detailed_background digital_media_(artwork) draft_horse equine eyebrows female fur gloves_(marking) hair hand_on_hip horse humanoid_hands lips mammal marissa_van_steenacker markings multicolored_fur muscular muscular_female outside pecs pink_bottomwear pink_bra pink_clothing pink_shorts pink_topwear pink_underwear ponytail serratus shorts side_view signature sky snout socks_(marking) solo splits sports_bra spread_legs spreading sun sunset thick_bottom_lip two_tone_fur underwear url vkyrie white_fur white_hair white_tail

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Score: 12
User: Cash_Banooca
Date: October 28, 2017 ↑12 ♥28 C1 S

Very nice.

absurd_res anthro asriel_dreemurr avian bird bound caprine cheerie clothed clothing comic confusion dreemurr_reborn female gaster goat haaru hi_res horn human humor male mammal monochrome multiple_images nervous open_mouth protagonist_(undertale) scared simple_background smile sweat transformation undertale video_games yelling

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Score: 4
User: Haaru
Date: November 17, 2017 ↑4 ♥9 C5 S PU


Gaster´s pissed that he wasn´t invited.

i expected a screaming orgasm.
instead im met with screaming, and a keke birb.

Suddenly it's a goddamn Cyriak video...

9th panel:
-_-"Is that-"
"Oh golly, not again..."