2018 ambiguous_gender amenlona anthro arachnid arthropod black_hair detailed_background digital_media_(artwork) feral group hair spider

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Are they nerubians?

armwear black_sclera clothing dialogue digimon fur ineedanaccount invalid_tag renamon

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Yeah gurl you tell them!
Flat renamon is best >:(

Have you seen your in-game model from Cyber Sleuth onwards? This is modest in comparison

2017 black_nose blue_eyes brown_fur brown_hair disney eyebrows feline feral fur grass green_eyes hair half-closed_eyes kovu lion male mammal multicolored_fur night_sky open_mouth outside portrait reaction_image sharp_teeth sky smile smirk solo sophiecabra star starry_sky tan_fur teeth the_lion_king two_tone_fur yellow_sclera

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2018 better_version_at_source bone canine comic cover cover_page digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) duo english_text everstone fangs female feral fur hi_res insomniacovrlrd male male/female mammal marowak monochrome nintendo open_mouth paws pendant plum_(insomniacovrlrd) pokémon pokémon_(species) pokémon_mystery_dungeon riolu shade_(insomniacovrlrd) skull skull_mask sweat text tongue video_games

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o boi

anthro backpack banjo-kazooie banjo_(banjo-kazooie) bare_chest bear brown_fur cigarette comic conker conker's_bad_fur_day crowd cup dessert english_text food fur group hi_res hollo_nut ice_cream kemono male mammal red_shirt rodent squirrel sweat text tree trowzer vehicle video_games

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be happy that he cares :/


It is


I'm upvoting for that description