Species: wusky

A hybrid combination of a wolf and a husky.

This tag implies the following tags: canine

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2018 4_toes anthro babydoll barefoot black_nose blue_background blue_eyes border brown_claws brown_fur brown_pawpads canine claws clothed clothing color_swatch digital_media_(artwork) dog eyebrows felicity_malika female fingerless_(marking) fur hair hand_on_hip hi_res husky hybrid lingerie looking_at_viewer mammal megumigoo model_sheet multicolored_fur multiple_angles one_eye_closed outside_border pawpads paws pink_tongue purple_clothing purple_topwear short_hair simple_background solo standing tan_eyebrows tan_fur tan_hair tan_tail toe_claws toeless_(marking) toes tongue tongue_out white_border wink wolf wusky

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