Species: wusky

A hybrid combination of a wolf and a husky.

This tag implies the following tags: canine

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absurd_res aledonrex anthro blush bound canine dragon duo hi_res kissing kneeling male mammal piercing primus shinxx wusky

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Date: September 15, 2017 ↑5 ♥15 C0 S 2017 5_fingers abs ango76 anthro beard belt black_claws black_clothing black_gloves black_hair black_nose black_tail blue_eyes blue_fur blue_tail body_hair brass_knuckles brown_bottomwear brown_clothing brown_pants brown_topwear building canine chest_hair city claws clothed clothing cloud detailed_background digital_media_(artwork) dog dray_(character) eyebrows facial_hair fence fingerless_gloves front_view fully_clothed fur gloves grin hair hi_res husky hybrid jacket long_hair looking_away male mammal melee_weapon multicolored_tail muscular muscular_male night open_jacket outside pants portrait signature smile solo standing teeth three-quarter_portrait two_tone_tail weapon whiskers wolf wusky

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