General: white background

ambiguous_gender anthro black_fur blue_fur canine clothing costume cute footwear fur hoodie itsbirdyart lucario mammal nintendo pokémon pokémon_(species) red_eyes riolu shoes simple_background sneakers solo spikes video_games white_background yellow_fur young

Rating: Safe
Score: 44
User: Scakk
Date: January 29, 2014 2012 bag blonde_hair blue_skin chibi cute derpy_hooves_(mlp) digital_media_(artwork) dotted_background equine eyelashes eyes_closed female feral friendship_is_magic front_view hair happy headshot_portrait horse mammal my_little_pony open_mouth open_smile paper_bag pattern_background pony portrait simple_background smile solo stardustxiii white_background young

Rating: Safe
Score: 53
User: Pand0ric
Date: March 21, 2013 2012 3_fingers 4_toes :< ambiguous_gender birthday birthday_cake black_fur black_nose black_pawpads blue_eyes cake canine countershade_face countershade_torso countershading crayons creating_art cute digital_media_(artwork) dipstick_ears dipstick_tail disappointed eating english_text engrish featureless_crotch feels feral fingerless_(marking) fingers food fox front_view full-length_portrait fur gloves_(marking) hair holding_paper looking_at_viewer mammal markings multicolored_fur multicolored_tail neckerchief nude orange_fur orange_hair orange_tail paper pawpads portrait quadruped sad silverfox5213 simple_background sitting solo text three-quarter_view toeless_(marking) toes two_tone_tail white_background white_countershading white_fur white_tail wishful_thinking young

Rating: Safe
Score: 55
User: TonyLemur
Date: May 30, 2012

Images with a white background.
Featureless white is a very common backdrop.

Not to be confused with greyscale.

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This tag implies the following tags: simple_background

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