Species: werewolf

In traditional Germanic folklore, a werewolf is a human cursed or capable of turning into a wolf, either anthropomorphic or feral, depending on the portrayal. This representation tends to be at odds with the tagging system, where the distinction between a werewolf and a regular wolf anthro can be up to interpretation.

In order to qualify for the werewolf tag, there should be some kind of way to identify that said werewolf is more than just a regular wolf anthro.

  • A person in the process of turning into a wolf-like being can generally safely be considered a werewolf. The same goes if there is evidence of a transformation having taken place (e.g: torn clothing).
  • Likewise, wolf-like characters that seem prey to some kind of primal rage or hunger may generally be counted as werewolves.
  • Noticeably large fangs or sharp teeth, glowing eyes, slit pupils and other predatory or supernatural-looking physical characteristics generally count.
  • Especially large, muscular or top-heavy wolf anthros or semi-anthros may or may not count.

Early portrayals of werewolves in movies and on television have them with relatively few wolf traits, most often only that of superfluous hair and aggressive dispositions.

The following tags are aliased to this tag: lycanthrope, werewolves

This tag implies the following tags: were, canine

The following tags are implicated to this tag: worgen

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