General: size difference

Use this for images or animations featuring at least two characters in which one character is noticeably bigger or smaller in body size than the other character. This may be applied to images in which the characters are not engaged in sexual activities. They may instead be doing flirty things such as comparing breast or penis size and kissing. Simply affectionate behavior such as hand holding and the like can also have this applied; so can situations that aren't even romantic at all.

Main size tags currently (as of September 2016) in use are:

'(?)' means: Tag is not in use as of date above, but could conceivably exist.

Size Difference Tags in Relation to 2 or More Bodies

Sexual Roles
Specific body parts

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Forum discussion:

  • forum #190304 - Tag Suggestion: smaller_ambiguous/larger_ambiguous (Apr. 2016)

The following tags are aliased to this tag: height_difference, size-difference

The following tags are implicated to this tag: larger_intersex, smaller_male, smaller_intersex, smaller_female, larger_male, larger_female, big_dom_small_sub, micro_on_macro, small_dom_big_sub

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