Species: siamese

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2017 abs anthro arno biceps big_muscles black_skin blue_eyes brown_fur brown_hair cat celio cetacean clothed clothing comic dialogue dorsal_fin english_text feline fin fur group hair lifeguard low-angle_view male mammal marine multicolored_fur multicolored_skin muscular muscular_male nipples orca partially_submerged pecs peritian sea siamese sibling size_difference standing swimming_trunks swimsuit tan_fur text topless twins two_tone_fur two_tone_skin water wet whale white_skin

Rating: Safe
Score: 17
User: Jugofthat
Date: November 19, 2017 ↑17 ♥35 C10 S 2017 anthro arno blue_eyes brown_fur brown_hair cat celio cetacean clothing comic crowd dialogue duo_focus english_text feline fur group hair hug male mammal marine multicolored_fur orca panting partially_submerged peritian sea siamese sibling swimming_trunks swimsuit tan_fur text twins two_tone_fur water whale worried

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Date: November 19, 2017 ↑7 ♥7 C2 S 3d_(artwork) :3 :< <3 >_< aardman_animations ambiguous_gender angry animate_inanimate anthro ape apple ato_(canimals) avian band-aid bandage bat bat_nose beagle beak bear bell_collar big_group biped bird black_eyes black_fur black_markings black_nose blue_eyes blush bow_tie brown_background brown_eyes brown_fur brown_hair brown_markings brown_nose brown_skin brown_tail brown_wings bull_terrier can canimals canine carrying cat chameleon cheek_tuft chipmunk clothed clothing cloud collar curled_tail dalmatian derp_eyes digital_media_(artwork) dog english_text eye_markings eyelashes fangs fear feathered_wings feathers feline female feral fizzy_(canimals) flippers floppy_ears flying food freckles frown fruit fur gas gorilla great_horned_owl green_eyes green_scales green_sclera green_tail grey_fur grey_markings group hair hair_bow hair_ribbon half-closed_eyes heterochromia lagomorph large_group leon_(canimals) lion lizard long_tail long_tongue looking_at_viewer looking_up mammal mane marine markings membranous_wings metallic_body mimi_(canimals) mostly_nude motion_lines multicolored_fur naked_collar nia_(canimals) nude o_o official_art on_top on_top_of one_eye_closed open_mouth open_smile orange_beak orange_eyes orange_fur owl oz_(canimals) penguin pink_nose pink_tongue pinniped poodle pow_(canimals) prehensile_tongue primate pug purple_wings quadruped rabbit red_tongue reptile ribbons rodent scales scalie scarf seal semi-anthro shadow shaking shell shivering siamese simple_background size_difference skunk slit_pupils smelly smile spiral_eyes spots spotted_fur squint standing striped_fur stripes sweat tail_feathers tan_fur terrier text tin_can toki_(canimals) tongue toony tuft turkish_angora turkish_van turtle two_tone_fur uly_(canimals) unibrow unknown_artist upside_down vooz whiskers white_fur white_hair white_markings wide_eyed wings wink yellow_eyes yellow_sclera

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Score: 3
User: facelessmess
Date: November 06, 2017 ↑3 ♥3 C2 S anthro blue_eyes brown_hair carrying cat celio cetacean claws clothing cloud comic dick_(character) dorsal_fin feline fin group hair lifeguard mammal manly marine muscular nipples orca pecs peritian pinniped sea sea_lion siamese size_difference sky swimming swimsuit underarm_carry water wet whale

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Score: 16
User: flopod
Date: November 05, 2017 ↑16 ♥35 C7 S