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The red fox (Vulpes vulpes) is a species of fox common throughout the northern hemisphere and Australia. It is the largest of the foxes and the most abundant member of Carnivora. Although best noted for having a mostly reddish coat, other colors often also appear, such as those of a cross_fox.

Cultural stereotypes of the red fox vary from region to region. In the West, they are considered sly and deceitful and sometimes as treacherous vermin and villains. In Japan, they are more associated with magical creatures, forming the basis of the multi-tailed kitsune. Magical red foxes, sometimes with multiple tails, are also known as húlí jīng in China and kumiho in Korea. Amongst the furry fandom, red foxes tend to be very common and are often associated with promiscuous and highly sexual behavior.

Hunting red foxes has also been a common sport through the centuries, especially amongst the higher classes. Human-related deaths are still the most common. Red foxes generally don't make good pets (although progress has been made in breeding a truly domesticated fox) but they can be tamed to a degree.

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