General: pattern clothing

Any article of clothing with some sort of pattern on it.

Types: (incomplete)

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2016 absurd_res anthro armor belt biped black_claws black_hair blue_cape blue_clothing boots bottomwear brown_boots brown_bottomwear brown_clothing brown_eyes brown_footwear brown_hair brown_nose brown_pants brown_shirt brown_topwear canine cape claws clothed clothing decorative_clothing detailed_background dipstick_ears dirtyscoundrel duo emblem fantasy footwear fully_clothed fur gauntlets gloves grey_fur hair hi_res holding_object holding_weapon looking_at_viewer mammal melee_weapon outside pants pattern_clothing potion red_armor red_clothing shirt snout standing stathos sword topwear tree two_tone_ears weapon white_fur wolf year yellow_ears yellow_eyes yellow_fur ysak

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Score: 4
User: TheVileOne
Date: March 11, 2018 ↑4 ♥4 C0 S 2015 anthro black_nose brown_fur canine cel_shading checkered_clothing clothed clothing collarbone cowering dog duo eye_contact fur green_eyes haps itshaps larger_male looking_at_another male mammal morenatsu pattern_clothing red_shirt shirt simple_background size_difference smaller_male smile striped_clothing striped_shirt stripes tank_top torahiko_(morenatsu) white_background white_fur yellow_fur

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User: Nicklo6649
Date: March 01, 2018 ↕0 ♥6 C0 S 2015 absurd_res anthro blush caprine clothed clothing digital_media_(artwork) edit full-length_portrait goat greyscale hands_behind_head happy hi_res hybrid kilt male mammal monochrome neon-b nipples one_eye_closed pattern_clothing plaid portrait pose smile solo standing tartan_bottomwear tartan_clothing topless wide_hips

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User: diqbutt76
Date: February 25, 2018 ↑5 ♥12 C1 S P