General: outside

Images or Animations which are set in un-enclosed locations, such as a beach, forest, city, field, mountain etc.

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2017 3d_(artwork) ambiguous_gender beach berry black_body black_horn black_tail bovine brolyno1consorter claws crossed_arms depth_of_field digital_media_(artwork) dipstick_horn duo eye_markings facial_markings facial_piercing food front_view fruit full-length_portrait girly grass green_eyes hair half-closed_eyes hi_res hooves horn humanoid legendary_pokémon long_hair long_tail looking_down mammal marine markings mouthless multicolored_body multicolored_eyes nature nintendo nose_piercing nose_ring nude outside palm_tree pastry piercing pink_eyes poke_puff pokémon pokémon_(species) portrait pseudo_clothing purple_body purple_claws raised_arm red_body red_markings sand sea seaside septum_piercing shell soft_focus source_filmmaker sun sunlight sunset tapu_bulu tapu_fini tree two_tone_horn two_tone_tail video_games warm_colors water webbed_hands white_body white_eyes white_hair white_markings yellow_body yellow_hooves yellow_horn yellow_nose yellow_tail

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Date: February 22, 2018 ↕0 ♥1 C0 S U 2017 anthro arms_tied belt blue_eyes bound canine caprine clothed clothing cowboy_hat crossover dawn_bellwether disney ear_markings facial_markings fanartiguess female fox fur_markings green_eyes group hand_on_hip hat holster jack_savage judy_hopps lagomorph male mammal markings mouth_hold nick_wilde noose on_shoulders once_upon_a_time_in_the_west outside purple_eyes rabbit sheep signature standing url wool zootopia

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