General: biped

A character whose anatomical structure engenders walking primarily on two legs. Birds, humans, and most anthros are all common examples of this.

2014 <3 accelo accelo_(character) anthro bell bell_collar biped blue_legwear clothed clothing collar colored_nails creating_art crossdressing digital_media_(artwork) drawing eating eyes_closed feline fluffy fluffy_tail food fruit full-length_portrait fur girly hair holding_food holding_object legwear leopard leopard_spots long_hair long_tail lying male mammal markings nude on_side orange_hair pattern_clothing pink_fur pink_markings pink_nails pink_spots portrait reclining round_ears side_view socks solo spots strawberry striped_clothing striped_legwear stripes stylus thigh_socks toe_socks white_fur

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Date: April 20, 2014 anthro biped black_fur claws cute duo eye_contact fur grey_fur happy male mammal murcat rat rodent simple_background size_difference smile whiskers

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Date: April 11, 2014 2014 alasou alpha_channel anthro biped blue_fur blue_hair cape clothing digital_media_(artwork) dress equine eyelashes female flower friendship_is_magic fur hair hi_res horn looking_at_viewer mammal mouth_hold multicolored_hair my_little_pony plant purple_eyes simple_background solo transparent_background trixie_(mlp) two_tone_hair unicorn

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User: ultragamer89
Date: October 23, 2014

Note: This tag refers to their anatomical structure and not their current posture; they can be lying down, sitting, standing, etc. Also, if someone bipedal is positioned on their hands and knees, then use the all_fours to tag their position.

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