General: belly

Sometimes also called a "gut", a "paunch", or a "beer belly", etc. This tag is used for when a character's lower abdomen/stomach area is rounded in front, for any reason (pregnancy, overweight, inflation, etc). Can be used on both clothed and nude characters.

See also:

  • abs - for when that lower torso area under the ribcage is muscled instead of rounded.
  • slightly_chubby - just a little bit of overall body fat, sometimes includes a small belly
  • overweight, obese etc - although they refer to different degrees of overall body fat, they sometimes includes a more noticeable belly
  • musclegut - a body type with a muscular upper body (chest, arms, etc) but also a belly.

The following tags are aliased to this tag: gut, tummy, round_belly

The following tags are implicated to this tag: big_belly

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