General: ambiguous gender

A character whose gender is unknown.

Used when the gender of a character in the image is not apparent from the image (no genitals or other clues are visible), and/or when there are mixed signs as to whether the character is male or female (wide hips plus broad shoulders, etc.).

This is not the same thing as hermaphrodite (a character whose physical gender is a combination of male and female), or featureless_crotch (a character which has no sex organs at all).

Related tags:

  • Gender
    • ambiguous_gender
    • male
    • female
    • intersex
      • cuntboy - Male body, but with a pussy instead of a penis.
      • dickgirl - Female body, but with a penis instead of a pussy.
      • herm - Female's body, with both a pussy and a penis.
        • maleherm - Male's body, with both a pussy and a penis.

See also:

The following tags are aliased to this tag: unknown_gender, androgynous, androgyny, ambiguous

The following tags are implicated to this tag: smaller_ambiguous, overweight_ambiguous, male/ambiguous, female/ambiguous, intersex/ambiguous, ambiguous/ambiguous

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