Species: alien

An extraterrestrial creature not in traditional myths and not native to the planet Earth.

Aliens with human-like anatomy (arms, head, legs, proportions etc.) are usually tagged with humanoid, rather than anthro or otherwise.

Keep in mind that this tag should only be added if the creature looks like an alien by twys. Do not tag this by outside information.


Xenomorphs are aliens from the Alien franchise, commonly referred to simply as Alien. For these specific kinds of aliens, please use the Xenomorph tag.

Known alien species and characters:

Alien franchise and related franchises
Ben 10 franchise

Since there are numerous alien species in this franchise, only the first ten Omnitrix alien species are listed here. A full species list can be seen on the Ben 10 wiki page.

Halo franchise (the Covenant)
Lilo & Stitch franchise
Mass Effect franchise
Starcraft franchise
Star Wars franchise
Unreal franchise
Warhammer franchise
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