General: absurd res

Usually Images that have a resolution much larger than the average monitor.

Posts with this tag should be at least 3200 pixels wide or 2400 pixels tall.

On the bright side, these are very clear, precise images! Oooooh... Look at all the detail!

You can also search for images by resolution, e.g. width:>=3200

If absurd_res bothers you, there are solutions to make the images smaller to fit the screen.

Settings > Resize images

Check it. This will fix the resolutions of images to be less ridiculously large.

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: absurdres, insane_res, absurd_resolution, holy_shit_res, absurd_rez, aburd_res, bsurd_res

This tag implies the following tags: hi_res

The following tags are implicated to this tag: superabsurd_res

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