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Winnie the Pooh is a much beloved series of children's stories by A. A. Milne about a group of friends and their imaginative adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood. It started as a children's book, but has since been made into several TV series and movies made by Disney since 1966.

  • Winnie the Pooh ("Pooh Bear") – The title character. An overweight yellow bear who loves honey.
  • Christopher Robin – A young human boy who (in the real world) owns them as stuffed animals.
  • Tigger – An energetic striped tiger who loves to bounce everywhere, using his tail as a pogo stick.
  • Rabbit – A yellow rabbit who likes things clean and tidy. Not so secretly he thinks he's the smartest of all his friends.
  • Piglet – A little pig who is scared of many things, but is often a loyal friend who tries very hard to be brave.
  • Eeyore – A donkey with a pinned-on tail. He's almost always depressed.
  • Kanga – A mother kangaroo.
  • Roo – Kanga's child. Mostly seen carried around in Kanga's pouch or bouncing with Tigger.
  • Owl – An owl often asked for advice. He is considered very wise by all his friends, even if his advice often isn't very helpful.
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