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A home console manufactured by Nintendo, and the successor to the Wii. This tag is to be used for anything related to the console, whether it's an anthrofied/animate inanimate version of the console, the console proper, or its controllers, games, and user interface, based on both official material and clear mockups. More specific related tags should also be added.

Even though the console is directly compatible with Wii games and accessories, for tagging purposes these should always be tagged under Wii instead. For example, if an image has both a Wii U GamePad and a Wii Remote, then both Wii U and Wii should be used when tagging.

The most distinguishable part of the console is the Wii U GamePad—a tablet like controller which has controller buttons spread around the screen—and this is how the console is most likely portrayed in most posts as the console itself is a slightly rounded square box, with the logo on the bottom right corner of the front. Wii U Pro Controller has the same buttons as the GamePad (ABXY face buttons with A-button on right), with vertical ZR/ZL buttons, a red sync button on back, and can be distinguished from earlier similar Wii controllers most clearly from the lack of wires and sticks positioned on the outer edge instead of center. Game discs are in cyan blue cases with a cyan blue rounded top bar on front.

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