General: unseen character

When there is clearly another character involved with a scene, but that character is not seen at all, not a faceless_male or faceless_female, not even a disembodied_penis or disembodied_hand.

We may know about the character's presence because we see what they are saying (the most frequent case), because they are throwing something in the frame, or we may see their shadow, cum or object reaching into the frame (such as a leash or whip they're holding). The mere actions of the characters in the picture do not necessarily count.

The following do not qualify:

  • People being talked to over the phone (if we see him on a screen, they're in the picture).
  • Semen on the body after an orgasm (semen being squirted from offscreen counts).
  • Characters in the picture looking at or addressing the viewer.

Note that for tagging purposes (solo, duo, group), unseen characters do not actually count as a character.

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