Collection of unformatted feature requests and general ideas from everyone

If you find a duplicate idea/request in here please let me know ASAP!

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64 add artist name as separate field to /post/index/* thumbnail mouseover/alt-text

63 a link back to the /set/show/ page from the /post* page

62 a section on profiles for forum @name mentions
(similar to blips)

61 adding -* to a post's tags removes * from the post

60 havetagged:[]
- [] = username

59 A way to search specific forum topics/forum threads
- related to forum search bug

58 Multiple 'types' of artists/artist tags, for different roles
- drawing, colorist, edit, compiler, reference, [etc]

57 Display post resolution on mouseover thumbnails in /index/ page
- dupe/already filed?

56 Type field under Statistics section in /post/show/

55 [jan.+] 'transfer [notes / tags / favorites / desc. / sources / score /..]' option on flagged posts
- [comments] https://e926.net/forum/show/216197

54 quick 'add tag to blacklist' option/button on /post/* pages

53 size options for thumb # thumbnails

52 cached list/table of what public sets a post is part of

51 set import functionality (similar to pool import)
- set merging
- forking?

50 rich wiki changes search option

49 set intersection: faves
- eg {{fav:member1 fav:member2}}
-- [bug?] discards the first term, prob in exclusive favor of the last

48 personal set notes per post
- prob not needed, just add it to the set mainpage

47 note parsing/rendering overhaul
- preview func
- dynamic font sizing
- easy tl note alias dtext [graey text, italics, small font etc]

46 pooled [hah] list of tags in a Pool, listed on main Pool page

45 [possibly planned] merge artist pages and wiki pages

44 a way to thank other members for [thing]
- maybe as a stat on their profile without it getting obnoxious

43 link to commonly denied aliases/implications on Suggest page
- todo: write article for those

42 'description edit' mode in /post/ page

41 some way to see/know what the actual tag that was entered is, in tag history [in the case of aliased tags]

40 a [quasi permanent, toggleable] way to hide specific forums, categories,

39 a way to favorite sets [dupe?]

38 'meh'/'seen' button [vote up, nyehmeh, vote down]

37 [edit] links per header section
- clicking on an edit link would snap to the corresponding header [html] in raw text
-- feasible? [basic html id attrib tag]

36 A way to directly translate a post/favscore from e621 to linked accounts [both on e6 and art sites], or vice-versa

35 Tag subscriptions that return results identical to a regular tag query [ie conjunctive search params]
- maybe hardcoded random post display queuing

34 wiki changelog/history search functionality
- string, date, member, etc

33 forum post back referral similar to dmail/blips
- 'show previous convo/messages' etc
- how to get the prev post #?

32 discrete class [typing?] for certain tag categories
similar to ratings [s/q/e]

eg sex-gender, genitals - finite combinations, each mapped to a gender tag [binary:, altersex;, herm:]
eg2 breast sizes
eg3 body type [anthro, feral, humanoid, human etc]
eg4 [other important binary themes] - e621:tagging checklist

31 OR functionality for blacklists [~tag1 ~tag2]
NOR [-~tag1 -~tag2]

30 /forum/search* pages use search query as title header [browser titlebar,gui]

29 XOR tag query modifier (|?)

28 link to blacklist at top of /post/index/ page:

List Upload Mobile Favorites Subscriptions Popular Random Tag History Desc. History Flag History Recent approvals Moderate Help Blacklist

27 mass/batch alias/implication function [mod/admin]
- tag1 tag2 -tag3 i/a→ tag4

26 taggable forum posts [probably just OPs], similar to categories
- why: find them easier, +rich search functionality [search bar]
- don't need to add minor forum categories as urgently

25 comment dtext functionality on wiki pages

 \foo ; # foo ; <!-- foo --> ; / foo */ ; [comment] foo [/comment] 

24 Automatically-updating data pointers
-from api?
-- eg get.dateLastModified

24a Automatically updating tables ([\table])
-pointers to a master table, contents automatically update [periodically?]
-- purpose: 1. collect header names [hn.] with version #;
-- 2. list in table format somewhere [else?]
-- 3. automatically update ver.#s

24b Auto-updating wiki article timestamps
- eg as timestamp on /set/show/ page
Created: # months ago | Updated: # seconds ago

23 an easier way for members to contact artists about posting permission

22 tag field as default view on posts instead of comments

21 auto-parse urls in parent field

20 a way to link to the order:random seed

19 [2] Requested Feature: A separate blacklist for site uploads, avatars, and user comments (user comments including forum posts, blips etc)-https://e926.net/forum/show/167213
-- parasprite: https://e926.net/forum/show/177716

18 Modular account profile types-custom accounts?: Choose what options are available

17 Scores for sets (signed int: -n:+n)
17 macro ratings for sets? (str: s/q/e)

16 filenames other than md5
sample file names different from original file
option to save tags as filename-underscore or dash as delimiter?

- option for appending comic 'page#s'

15 pagination display at the top and bottom of the screen where relevant

14 A way to link private sets to others-see also https://e926.net/forum/show/201815

13 Clientside: Some way to designate posts as saved externally

12 forum #0000[+page#]

11 templated tags [sex etc] on upload pages
-more use of custom tag lists and recent tags on edit section of posts

10 'recent tag policy changes' section/announcement/other

9 set navigation buttons, on post pages; similar to pool navigation

8 'This post was verified to be uploaded with the permission of its creator(s)' icon on posts

7 Requested feature: Option to be notified if an article you edited/created was later edited/deleted etc.-Why it would be useful:
Reasons [to add]

6 Optional notification if one of your uploads get added to a public pool/set

5 A way to rename all tags from the wiki-limited to non-members,+

4 'expand/collapse all' for section tags on wiki/forum etc posts [1]
- clicking on an anchor link (external/internal) automatically expands the section being linked, if applicable
-- how would the script know what section tag to expand/where it is?
- where to put the button?

3 easier way to link/copy forum #n links

2 separate blacklists for site and site members
- forum #177716 - planned uploader:* metatag. user:* for forum posts/comments/blips etc.

1 [I][A] 'disable all' button for blacklist while index browsing/other
- https://e926.net/forum/show/213222

 <!---------------comment test---------------> 


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Conjunctive tag system


[add rest]


highlighted entries = suggested/agreed by me as well
[square text] = added by me

[p] - partially answered

▼ Others

[p] forum #216162 - Is there a way to favorite tags?

- custom displayed alias tags
-- see also separate client/server tag lists
-- analogous to sets




  • forum #189612 (Apr. 2016)
    • Requested feature: Independent tag namespaces. Require unique (category, tag) pair instead of unique (tag) alone.

In other words, allow artist:foo, character:foo and general:foo to exist at the same time, maybe even on the same post.

Chessax (Jun. 2015)

  • Option to search only in one/several specific forum categories.
  • Option to search forum while treating underscore literally (re tags)
  • Ability to search in a single forum thread
  • Requested feature: Make wiki link on index pages when searching for aliased single tags show the parent tag's wiki instead of the aliased tag's wiki.


  • "I think it would be a great idea if we could download entire pools all at once instead of going through each image and downloading them."
    • Download entire pools[/sets] as an archive

erroneum (Aug. 2016)

  • Maybe, since the blacklist processing is done client side, have it so that if part of your blacklist wholly conflicts with your search then have it default to off.
  • Have the server send if you have voted up/down or faved an image when fetching results (if I've already voted something up then it's often not part of the reason something is blacklisted)