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acrylic ambiguous_gender blotch feline feral field kenket mammal outside painting_(artwork) solo stripes tiger traditional_media_(artwork)

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Date: September 12, 2013 2016 amber_eyes ambiguous_gender black_fur black_stripes day detailed detailed_background detailed_fur feline feral flashw fur half-length_portrait hi_res high-angle_view inner_ear_fluff lily_pad long_mouth looking_up mammal no_sclera orange_fur outside partially_submerged pink_nose plant portrait shadow snout solo striped_fur stripes sunlight tiger water whiskers white_fur

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Date: December 18, 2016 2017 abs anthro biceps big_muscles black_fur bulge clothed clothing feline fur kemono male mammal muscular muscular_male nipples pecs simple_background solo striped_fur stripes taki_kaze tiger underwear white_fur white_tiger

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A tiger is a large carnivorous feline. There are several subspecies of tiger, such as the Bengal tiger and the Siberian tiger, however, they are all very visually similar.

The typical tiger has orange fur, white fur, with black-striped fur. However, tigers can also come in a few different colors.

Most common is the white tiger, which is white with black stripes. They are not albinos, they simply lack the ability to make orange pigments. Their eyes are usually blue. That said, albino tigers have been known to exist, and would have red or pink eyes.

2017 4_fingers 4_toes ambiguous_gender avian black_fur black_stripes blue_eyes cloud cub day detailed detailed_background detailed_fur digital_media_(artwork) digital_painting_(artwork) digitigrade feline feral flashw flying full-length_portrait fur grass grey_theme group hindpaw inner_ear_fluff leaves long_mouth looking_up mammal no_sclera outside paws pink_nose plant portrait quadruped reflection retractable_claws rock shadow sitting sky snout solo_focus striped_fur stripes tall_grass tiger toes water watermark whiskers white_fur white_tiger wind young

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It is also possible for a white tiger to be born with nearly invisible or pale stripes. These rare creatures are known as snow tigers.

Golden tigers (sometimes known as 'golden tabby tigers' or 'strawberry tigers') are orange like a typical tiger, though the orange color is typically a paler shade. The black stripes have been replaced with stripes that are a dark brown, or orange.

2015 ambiguous_gender digital_media_(artwork) feline feral fur golden_tiger green_eyes mammal orange_fur paws side_view simple_background solo standing striped_fur stripes tiger uni white_fur

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There is evidence that suggests that a maltese tiger, or "blue" tiger could exist in reality, however, none have been confirmed. The "blue" name is a bit of a misnomer, as 'blue' cats are a dark gray. A "blue" tiger would likely be dark gray, with slightly darker striping, much as a panther's spots are still visible. Of course, in art, liberties may be taken.

ambiguous_gender blue_fur feline feral fur looking_at_viewer maltese_tiger mammal melee_weapon simple_background solo stripes sword tiger weapon yellow_eyes 虎尾

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Date: July 30, 2012 beads blue_fur duo feathers feline female feral fur howikin iron_lyons lion male maltese_tiger mammal red_eyes red_fur stripes tail_tuft tiger tuft uhuru yu_song

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While melanistic tigers are also possible, they're unknown in realisty, minus a few tigers with exceptionally wide stripes. However, Black Tigers, in the realm of fantasy, may be black furred with stripes of another color, be it lighter or darker.

2014 4_toes abs anthro arody athletic biceps big_muscles black_fur black_nose black_pawpads black_sclera black_tiger boxers_(clothing) bulge chest_tuft claws clothed clothing fangs feline flexing fur grey_fur grin hi_res looking_at_viewer male mammal markings muscular muscular_male pawpads paws pecs pose simple_background smile sokatak solo standing stripes teeth tiger toe_claws toes topless tuft underwear white_eyes

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