Species: taur

blonde_hair blue_eyes breasts centaur centorea_shianus_(monster_musume) clothing equine equine_taur female hair haruharu55 hi_res humanoid mammal monster_girl_(genre) monster_musume pointy_ears ponytail solo taur

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Date: December 18, 2015 alpha_channel canine eternity_zinogre fox foxtaur fur gloves_(marking) hi_res male mammal markings navel nude red_fur simple_background smile solo taur transparent_background

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Date: August 20, 2016 basilisk dragon dragontaur hi_res horn lemondeer male multi_leg multi_limb multi_taur ryker_(bruyaglovae) simple_background sitting solo spikes taur thick_tail

Rating: Safe
Score: 9
User: mutanimal
Date: October 09, 2016

A multi-legged character whose lower body is that of a feral creature, and the upper body of an anthro, human, or humanoid. Based on the centaur, a creature from Greek mythology.

Note that taurs are their own category and shouldn't be tagged as anthro, feral, human, or humanoid.

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