General: striped clothing

2017 anthro bust_portrait character_name cigarette clothed clothing disney dress_shirt fur grey_fur jack_savage lagomorph long_ears looking_aside looking_at_viewer male mammal necktie pattern_clothing pink_nose portrait rabbit raizinndx shirt smoking solo striped_clothing striped_shirt suspenders zootopia

Rating: Safe
Score: 8
User: Kario-xi
Date: January 16, 2017 amber_eyes anthro armwear bottomless clothed clothing fingerless_gloves gloves green_hair green_scales hair ineffective_clothing leg_warmers legwear lizard looking_at_viewer lying male on_front pattern_clothing reptile ruaidri scales scalie shirt solo striped_armwear striped_clothing striped_legwear stripes traditional_media_(artwork) watercolor_(artwork)

Rating: Safe
Score: 19
User: TFC0234
Date: July 12, 2012

Any article of clothing with stripes on it.



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