General: straddling

5_fingers abs abstract_background alien antennae anthro belt biceps biker_mice_from_mars boots bracelet clothing ear_piercing eyewear footwear fur hair hi_res jeans jewelry knee_pads male mammal motorcycle mouse muscular navel open_clothing pants pecs piercing rodent scribbletati short_hair solo straddling sunglasses tan_fur tan_hair tattoo throttle vehicle vest

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User: BlueDingo
Date: November 30, 2016 4_toes 5_fingers anthro barefoot black_nose bloodhound_omega brown_fur canine claws detailed digitigrade duo eyes_closed feathers fur grey_fur hindpaw holding_object kneeling leg_grab loose_feather lying male mammal nude on_front on_top open_mouth paws side_view simple_background smile straddling tickling tickling_feet toes tongue white_background white_fur wolf

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Score: 8
User: The Dog In Your Guitar
Date: September 03, 2007

To stand or sit with a leg on each side of something.

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