General: social nudity

Used for posts when there are multiple characters engaging in casual_nudity.

As with casual_nudity, nude characters depicted in social nudity posts are engaged in non-sexual situations.

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2018 5_fingers amber_eyes anthro barefoot big_breasts black_fur black_nose black_sclera breast_rest breasts brown_fur brown_hair brown_stripes butt casual_nudity day detailed_background digital_media_(artwork) duo eyebrows eyelashes feline female fluffy fluffy_tail food fruit fur grass grey_eyes grey_fur grey_hair grey_pawpads hair humanoid_hands hybrid ketty-leopardess kneeling liger lion long_hair looking_at_viewer lying lynx mammal multicolored_fur multicolored_hair nude on_front outside pawpads paws pink_nose pink_pawpads plant pumpkin reptilies-conder short_tail slim smile social_nudity striped_fur stripes tan_fur tiger two_tone_hair white_fur white_hair yellow_eyes

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User: Cat-in-Flight
Date: April 20, 2018 ↑25 ♥103 C0 S aiko_(itna) annoyed anthro athletic barefoot biceps butt casual_nudity convenient_censorship duo eyebrows fluffy fluffy_tail front_view fur hair hand_on_shoulder holding_object holding_weapon humanoid_hands in_the_new_age jewelry line_art looking_at_viewer looking_back male mammal melee_weapon monochrome muscular muscular_male necklace nude paws pecs plant plantigrade polearm procyonid raccoon rear_view rick_griffin rikitakawi social_nudity standing weapon

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