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Association football, also known as football or soccer, is the most popular and well-known sport in the world.

It is a team based sport divided in 11 vs 11 players (without counting the reserve players).
The games plays in a rectangular field with a goal at each end of the field where the players must take a ball using only their feet into the opposite goal in order to score.
At the end of the time the team with highest score is the winner.

The team is divided into four positions:

  • Goalkeeper: The only player allowed to use hands, its role is to protect the goal from the opposite team and catch the ball at any cost.
  • Defenders: Their mission is to block the access to the opposite players to the goal.
  • Midfielder: Their role in the game is a mix of defence and attack.
  • Forward: The first line of offence, their mission take the ball to the respective goal to score, although any player is allowed to do that. Even the goalkeeper.

The term football used to refer to soccer can be confusing, the term is used to refer to other sports locally such as American football in North America or Australian rules football and Rugby in the case of Australia.


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