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2016 anthro big_eyes black_nose blue_eyes blue_fur blue_hair canine cute detailed digital_media_(artwork) eye_reflection front_view fur hair headshot_portrait jamesfoxbr lineless looking_at_viewer male mammal nude open_mouth portrait short_hair simple_background smile solo teeth tongue toony white_fur wolf

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User: jamesfoxbr
Date: April 16, 2016 beard beige_skin brown_eyes detailed dragon ear_fins eyewear facial_hair fin front_view glasses hair headshot_portrait human hybrid looking_at_viewer male mammal orange_hair portrait scalie short_hair solo teal_background ykoriana

Rating: Safe
Score: 5
User: girlygenious
Date: December 09, 2014

When a character's hair does not extend past the neck. Typically less than 1.5 heads in length.

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